Aviva Stadium Dublin

Short Overview

EliteForm proudly took on the project of fabricating the facade and additional components of the Aviva stadium in  2009.

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Project Description

The limitations of undertaking such an ambitious project in the city were challenging. The location of the stadium required consideration of acoustics and lighting to limit the effect on the surrounding residential area. For this reason we had to design acoustic panelling and use translucent polycarbonate plastic material for the facade, which gives the structure its iconic glass appearance.

Aviva Stadium

Our Solution

Using plastics was new to us so we had to master the intricacies of forming the material. Particularly when it came to cutting and folding the plastic without causing any cracks or defects. The project allowed us to upgrade our facilities to process a larger quantity of components. This included investing in new state of the art laser cutting and die punching facilities.

These upgrades not only enabled the fabrication of the intricate components required for the stadium but also positioned EliteForm as a leader in the industry, capable of handling more extensive and complex projects.

The finished stadium is an icon of the Dublin cityscape.

Aviva stadium
aviva stadium dublin