Pressing and Folding

We are a distinguished provider of precision engineering solutions. Catering to diverse industries, We are a trusted leader, known for consistently surpassing client expectations. Notably, excelling in pressing and folding services, a cornerstone of our capabilities. Combining state-of-the-art technology and expert craftsmanship, in our pressing and folding capabilities we intricately shape raw materials into precise components. This transformative process ensures intricate geometries, narrow tolerances, and optimal functionality, serving as a vital bridge between concept and end product. With expertise in sheet metal varieties and capabilities, we empower the industry to transform intricate designs with the highest levels of accuracy, solidifying our position as an industry leader.

Press Brake
Press brake

Pressing Services

We use a variety of machines to achieve intricate bends and angles. Utilising top of the range Amada machinery and software, we have a variety of pressbrakes capable of complex requirements, with this we always have the right machine for the job, sheet metal incurs complex lengths of materials, with our wide range of folding machines of different sizes, no matter the size we can fold it.

Folding Services

Air Bending: This is a common technique where the sheet metal is bent by pressing it between the punch (upper tool) and the die (lower tool). The depth of penetration determines the bend angle. Air bending allows for flexibility in achieving different angles without changing the tooling.

Bottoming: In this method, the sheet metal is pressed tightly against the die to achieve a bend angle that matches the punch angle precisely. It is used when precise angles and tight tolerances are essential.

Hemming: Hemming involves folding the edge of a sheet back onto itself, creating a stronger and safer edge. It’s commonly used in applications where safety and prevention of sharp edges are important. This is also know better as crush folding. 

Offset Bending: Offset bending involves creating two bends close to each other to form an offset, typically used for creating channels or U-shaped components.

Folding machine
Press brake

Advanced Technology and Equipment

High quality machine equals high quality products and when it comes to machinery we only use the best. Our machines are from the Amada range of sheet metal machinery. With a wide range of customised options for machines, we have the right one for your requirements.   

Precise machinery and tooling is paramount in achieving accurate sheet metal products due to its ability to maintain consistent and repeatable bending processes. Such machinery ensures tight control over parameters like bend angles, radii, and tolerances, minimising variations and errors. This precision results in components that fit seamlessly in assemblies, adhere to design specifications, and perform optimally. Adhering to the spec of the job requirement is an essential element to securing future contracts and contributing to our ever growing reputation. 

Folding machine

Quality Assurance and Certifications

Our Quality control is an imperative aspect of our production process. From first contact with the customer and frequent approval communication to the first example being made. Before the final production our fabrication coordinator inspects and ensures that products are made correctly. Once final production is complete our fabrications managers go through each details to ensure packaging for delivery is done efficiently and professionally. With all these measures we are proud to deliver high quality products to high standards.

We are proud to be ISO certified. With us obtaining the ISO Environment 14001 cert and Quality 9001, the environment and quality of our work and premises is essential. We are also proud that our products are part of the guaranteed Irish trademark.