A black, privacy fence lining a landscaped area with small shrubs and white pebbles.

As you already know, EliteForm recently celebrated 50 years in business. In conjunction with our sister company, Elite Garden, we’re excited to show our appreciation to our customers and demonstrate our commitment to innovation. That’s why we’re delighted to announce the addition of two new colours, Buttermilk Cream and Black, to our steel fence panels range, SmartFence. These latest garden fence paint colors are sure to excite while also reflecting our dedication to expanding the product line to meet diverse customer preferences and design needs.

Introducing Our New Colours 

Our two new colours, Buttermilk Cream and Black, slip seamlessly into our existing range and bring their own personality.  

For instance, Buttermilk Cream adds a subtle yet impactful touch of warmth and elegance to outdoor spaces, whilst Black offers a sleek, clean, modern aesthetic. These colours will instantly accentuate the existing space and complement various architectural styles and landscaping themes. 

These new colours, like all our colour options, are extremely corrosion resistant. The added PVC exterior finish has UV protection, too, providing the highest retention in colour, year after year. 

What is SmartFence Made Of? 

Made in Ireland, EliteForm’s metal fencing products are a simple, cost-effective way to give your property boundaries a modern, stylish look. Maintenance-free and DIY-friendly, our metal fencing panels are the perfect replacement for an old wooden fence or hedge. 

But how long does a steel fence last? Metal fence panels have a long-lasting lifespan, and whilst our SmartFence is resistant to adverse weather conditions such as strong winds, it also comes with a 20-year guarantee. 

Our Retrofit system is ideal for replacing wooden panels between existing concrete posts, too. SmartFence is as simple as it is innovative; once the steel panels are fit between fence posts, one is set on top of another, and your new fence is completed with a finishing rail. 

Our SmartFence flatpack fence panels kit has everything you need for a 5ft high x 6ft wide, 1500mm high X 1800mm wide (.55mm) Garden Fence Panel. One pack contains:

  • Five steel PVC coated infill sections 
  • One finishing rail 
  • Two channel adapters 
  • One screw pack 
  • Instructions manual 

These are all great benefits, but SmartFence doesn’t stop there. As a stylish and competitively priced flat packed fencing solution that you can install on your own in a matter of minutes, you spare yourself the hassle of searching for an already busy tradesman to put it all together. In fact, here’s how simple the process is:  

  1. Install posts (steel galvanised post 1.875m BS2 or concrete H-Posts) as normal into concrete foundation. 
  1. Fit the lightweight plinths. 
  1. Fix channel adapters to H-groves. 
  1. Slide the SmartFence infill sections into place. 
  1. Fix top finishing rail, using the coloured screws. 
  1. Wash down fence and enjoy for the next 20 years. 

How Much is SmartFence Panelling? 

At the click of a button, you can find out more about our SmartFence range you can visit our sister website to download an informative brochure. We also grant you designer duties with our SmartFence Builder, an easy-to-use tool where you input your fencing specifications and choose your colour and accessories. 

If you would like to speak with one of our experts about our broad range of products, simply contact us today